Our Company

Almost every home is invaded or threatened by a pest population sooner or later.

A-Abel Exterminating, Co. protects people and property from disease, damage and nuisance that pests can bring. Though not glamorous, our services are vital to the community and public health. Thousands of Dayton Area families benefit from our protection every year. Our services include control of Termites, Ants, Nuisance Wildlife, Stinging Pests, Pantry & Fabric Pests for homes, schools, and businesses.

We are not a franchise; we are an independent small business owned by Jay Moran and Chuck Norman. Jay is a graduate of Franciscan University and Chuck is a CPA with a degree from Miami University. Both are life-long residents of the Miami Valley. In an industry dominated by two national companies, A-Abel is recognized by homeowners despite the obvious inequity of advertising budgets between the national firms and us. We have been in business since 1937.


We must earn the TRUST of our customers, employees, and community. Many people view our services as “dangerous”, we must work hard to gain their confidence in our ability to protect them from pests, pesticide exposure, or disease and damage that pests are capable of bringing. The trust others place in us is critical to our success, if we abuse the trust, we will fail. We must demonstrate that trust by properly identifying each target pest and recommending reasonable remedies to each individual situation. Our remedies must balance economics, exposure risk, and effectiveness – which are unique in each pest episode. HONESTY – Customers (and employees) are entitled to an honest evaluation of the situation. Often, the truth is that the particular “bug” is a harmless individual which has wandered into the home – and will die on its own if it doesn’t find its way out real soon. This would be an open opportunity for an unethical salesperson to recommend a “monthly service program” requiring the homeowner to sign up for regular treatments to control that bug. We hear of this situation over & over. A-Abel is different…we do not recommend monthly treatments for our homeowners. We will not take advantage of our knowledge and the customer’s lack of knowledge. We will not “scare” our customers into services they do not benefit from or need. We will not promise results that are unlikely or un-attainable.


A-Abel Exterminating Company works to be the most trusted and competent defender against nuisance pests in the Dayton Area, while generating a reasonable profit and providing a healthy work environment for our employees.

Each employee is told “The A-Abel Story” during orientation, and at annual meetings – this story describes how A-Abel is “different” from the common pest control service. Employees are taught that we will never a) make money at the expense of the customers fear and b) never make money at the employees expense or health risk.


Our philosophy has always been to find good, hardworking, smart people, and then help them to become the most valuable they can be to US, THEIR CUSTOMER, AND THEMSELVES. We have not had a “turnover” problem at A-Abel. Technicians and dispatchers, who come here, stay here. Our compensation package is competitive compared to other service businesses – we provide health insurance, 401k, vacations, bonuses, holiday parties, and company paid training. But the most important indicator of our commitment to employees is how they feel about us as owners.

Is anyone “happy” out there ?

We know that no one is ever “happy” to call an exterminator. The nature of our business is “problems”. Right from the initial words on the phone, or tech at the door, we let the customer know that “we are here to protect”. The goal of our service is to manage a pest occurrence. We are usually in battle with a living creature, there is no way to predict exactly how the creature is going to respond to our actions…sometimes things get worse before they get better. We train our people to be prepared to explain the situation to the customer. By having front-line people ready to answer questions we get the concerns addressed quickly. Expectations of a total elimination on one application are common, but not realistic when we try to balance human exposure and how the new chemistry we use is designed to work today.


A-Abel has been recognized by the Ohio Pest Control Association for commitment to the public and the industry. In 2001, Jay Moran was on the committee responsible for writing a consumer information pamphlet with the Ohio Attorney General and the Ohio Dept of Agriculture for choosing a termite contractor. We also have adopted the enclosed Code of Ethics as presented by the National Pest Management Association.


The very nature of our work improves the quality of life. We reduce disease, damage, and nuisance associated with pest populations. Our operation is vital to the community; any community that attempts to go without pest control would be at great risk for disease and damage. Our efforts reduce the risk of several contagious diseases.

In an effort to further contribute to our neighborhoods, we provided free pest control services to local emergency food pantries over the last year (see “thank you” letters attached.

A-Abel was proud to participate in the Scam Jam 2003 sponsored by the BBB, where we had an educational display, and answered questions about our industry.